Improve the Look and Taste of Your Water

Improve the Look and Taste of Your Water

Schedule a water treatment installation for your home in Rochester, NY

Lurking in your home's pipes are harsh minerals and bacteria. These contaminants harden your water supply, making your skin, hair and clothes feel dry. Avoid these issues by getting a water treatment installation from Halter Plumbing & Water Works.

Our innovative water treatment device removes contaminants from your water and makes it safer to use. You'll experience softer skin and cleaner clothes with each wash. To schedule your appointment in Rochester, NY, call 585-305-1168.

3 signs that show you need water treatment repair

You might need water treatment repair if:
  • Your water pressure suddenly drops
  • Your water has a strange color
  • Your water tastes funny and smells bad
We'll assess the condition of your water filtration system and provide a comprehensive diagnosis of our findings.

If you're in Rochester, NY and need plumbing services, call now to schedule your appointment.