Get Rid of the Metallic Taste of Your Water in Rochester, NY

Get Rid of the Metallic Taste of Your Water in Rochester, NY

Discover the benefits of water filtration systems

Does your water taste foul, like it has too much sulfur or magnesium in it? Is it leaving stains on your fixtures and even on your clothes? Treat the water in your home by hiring Halter Plumbing & Water Works for water softener installation services in or near Rochester, NY.

We use Genesis water filtration systems, which are known for their exceptional durability and filtration capacity. These systems will treat high iron levels and water hardness. You can also add on a reverse osmosis system, which is a water tank that will go under your sink, taking out pesticides and pharmaceuticals and purifying your water.

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Why should you install a water filtration system?

Halter Plumbing & Water Works specializes in water filter installation services. We champion the use of water filtration systems because they:

  • Are better for your hair and skin, getting harmful metals out of the water
  • Get rid of the residue that builds in your toilet and shower
  • Create clean water, which is safer and healthier to drink

Start drinking and using the purest water possible-contact us right now about water softener installation services in the Rochester, NY area.