Fix Your Damaged Water line

Fix Your Damaged Water line

Arrange for water line repairs in Rochester, NY

A leak in the water main can cause serious trouble for both your yard and your water bills. Save yourself a lot of stress by turning to Halter Plumbing & Water Works for water line repairs. We know how to fix your damaged water line or sewer line without disrupting your property too much.

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What does a water line repair entail?

First, we'll figure out if you have a leak and where it is. You might notice a leak by the decreased water pressure in your home, unexpectedly high water bills or waterlogged grass in your lawn. We will:
  • Locate the leak
  • Shut off the water to your home
  • Dig a trench
  • Drain water out of the trench
  • Repair your water line
  • Test the repairs to make sure your water line is intact

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